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Davos Ski Resort

If you’re looking to go big, then a Davos ski vacation is right up your alley. Boasting the largest ski resort in Switzerland and the highest city in Europe, Davos is comprised of five separate ski areas, any one of which would be considered big by American standards. The Parsenn cog rail bahn (chairlift), which rises out of Davos Dorf, has increased uphill speed and capacity, ensuring that this historically—since 1931—popular ski resort giant is never too crowded. Non-skiers and vacationers looking for plenty of off-mountain activities have ample choices. Cruise around Davos’ miles upon miles of cross-country trails, speed down its tobogganing hills, and relax with the family on a cheery sleigh ride. Ice skating and hockey enthusiasts will be wildly pleased to learn that Davos is home to a Europe’s largest outdoor rink.

Ski Davos

Klosters, the ski resort located down the road from Davos, is connected to the same ski circuit, making it easy to explore both villages during a Davos ski vacation. Smaller in size and quainter in nature, Klosters' village offers a warm and picturesque surrounding for your après-ski activities: shopping, tennis, squash, sleigh rides, night life and cultural events.With five ski areas spread out on both sides of the valley and descents from almost 9,000 feet, Davos skiing offers the alpine skier an endless amount of terrain. Advanced to expert skiers and snowboarders are best served at Davos, and intermediates have a handful of good options; one, because there are technically no beginner runs, and two, because it requires a somewhat seasoned skier to navigate Davos’ never-ending expanse. Freestyle enthusiasts will be happy with Davos’ two terrain parks. First time park riders all the way to professionals will enjoy Davos, but its Jakobshorn’s Jatz Park that will really get the adrenaline pumping. Jatz Park is also home to one of Europe’s largest super-pipes. 

Snow conditions are generally good, thanks to the area’s high alpine locale, but there is snowmaking capability for the lower portion of the mountain to ensure coverage in the chance of a low snowfall year.

Book your Davos ski vacation today.’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists can help you select—and book—lodging, flights, lift tickets, activities and more. Let them make your Davos ski vacation the easiest and most enjoyable ski vacations yet. Call or chat now!

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9.8202317, 46.7915672 ] }, "Id": "12109", "Culture": null }, { "Name": "Intercontinental Davos", "Address": null, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ 9.8229917, 46.7982683 ] }, "Id": "12130", "Culture": null } ], "RestaurantLocations": [], "EquipmentRentalLocations": [ { "Name": "Skiset/CILS", "Address": { "Description": null, "Line1": "Bahnhofstrasse 9", "Line2": "", "Line3": null, "City": "Davos Dorf", "State": "", "Country": "CH", "PostalCode": "", "Id": 0, "Culture": null }, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ 9.1233, 51.15683 ] }, "Id": "SKISETD", "Culture": null } ], "IsAvailableOnline": true, "SkiAreas": null, "LodgingRoute": "/davos-lodging", "SpecialsRoute": "/davos-deals", "MapRoute": "/davos-map", "GettingThereRoute": "/how-to-get-to-davos", "SnowReportRoute": "/davos-snow-reports", "GroupsRoute": "/davos-groups", "ReviewsRoute": "/davos-expert-reviews", "Name": "Davos", "Route": "/davos", "Id": 105, "Culture": null } }, "LocalizedText": { "Reviews": "Reviews", "CustomerReviews": 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