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Shervin in San carlos

Watchout for snowboarders with attitude

Mammoth would be a great mountain had it not been for all the snowboarders from LA with their surfer dude mentality. The number of times that I have been clipped by idiotic snowboarders at Mammoth is too numerous to count. They don't even apologize. The place is always crowded and the snowboarders create this barrier at top of every lift as they try to put on their snowboards. On the plus side Mammoth is one of the best connected mountains in the world and the snow is always good. If you can deal with idiotic snowboarder or if you are an idiotic snowboarder (not that all snowboarders are idiots but rather a lot of the snowboarders in Mammoth are) then Mammoth is the place for you. I have not been there during the week but I have heard the crowds aren't as bad as the weekends so you may want to give a try then because it is a great mountain if you can manage avoiding snowboarders.