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Current Conditions

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  • 1524 cm of annual snowfall
  • 1263 total skiable hectacres
  • Top elevation 2225 m, base 512 m
  • 7% beginner, 45% intermediate, 48% advanced, 0% expert
  • Projected opening: 30/11/2013
  • ProjectedClosing 06/04/2014
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If you haven’t yet heard about Revelstoke, you will. Formerly a cat-skiing and heli-skiing zone, this new British Columbia resort receives a massive 480 to 720 inches annually. With 5,620 vertical feet, which is 300 feet more than Whistler Blackcomb, Revelstoke offers among some of North America’s longest lift-served vertical. Its longest run, Last Spike, is 9.5 miles long. Revelstoke’s more than 3,000 acres is accessed by a modern lift system consisting of an eight-person, high-speed gondola, high-speed quad chairs and magic carpet conveyor lifts. Revelstoke, or “Revy” as locals call it, features a new Resort Village at the base of the mountain around the new Nelson Lodge. It offers a full-service restaurant, retail and rental shops and lift ticket and skier services. 

This powder-blessed ski resort is located just 3.5 miles from downtown Revelstoke, a quaint railway town of 8,500 residents, with 100 years of skiing history. Downtown offers a surprisingly exceptional dining scene, with everything from modern café/bakeries to sushi. Nightlife-seekers will be pleased to find live music at a variety of homey pubs. Revelstoke also provides a great setting for winter activities like cross-country skiing, ice- skating and snowshoeing. Or, you may choose to soothe your aches and pains in the natural hot springs or the salt-water aquatic center.

Revelstoke Ski Resort

Revelstoke skiing is mainly below treeline. Advanced intermediates and experts are the best served on a Revelstoke ski vacation with many steep, long groomers, moguls, glades and unrivaled backcountry and sidecountry access. Intermediates will also find mellow cruisers. Beginners don’t have a ton of options at Revelstoke, with only seven percent designated as beginner, so it comes as little shock that this resort is most frequented by thrill-seeking skiers and snowboarders.

Thanks to its close proximity to the resort and downtown Revelstoke, it’s also among the world’s most convenient and affordable places to base your cat-skiing or heli-skiing trip out of. Heli-skiing in Revelstoke provides virtually unlimited terrain.

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"DewPoint": 13, "Forecasts": [ { "Conditions": "clear", "SkyConditions": "mostlysunny", "Date": "2014-09-21T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 25, "TemperatureLow": 10 }, { "Conditions": "chancerain", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-22T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 24, "TemperatureLow": 11 }, { "Conditions": "chancerain", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-23T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 19, "TemperatureLow": 12 }, { "Conditions": "chancerain", "SkyConditions": "cloudy", "Date": "2014-09-24T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 18, "TemperatureLow": 10 }, { "Conditions": "chancerain", "SkyConditions": "cloudy", "Date": "2014-09-25T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 20, "TemperatureLow": 6 }, { "Conditions": "mostlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "mostlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-26T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 17, "TemperatureLow": 10 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-27T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 15, "TemperatureLow": 6 } ], "Pressure": 1013, "ReportingCity": "Revelstoke", "ReportingState": "BC", "ReportingCountry": "CA", "CurrentTemperature": 17, "CurrentVisibility": 14.5, "CurrentWindDirection": "North", "CurrentWindForce": 0, "CurrentWindGustForce": 0, "Id": "revelstoke", "Culture": null }, "SnowToday": { "SkiArea": { "TotalLifts": 5, "TotalLiftsOpen": 0, "SkiableArea": 1263, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Revelstoke", "Route": "/revelstoke", "Id": 210, "Culture": null }, "Id": "revelstoke", "Culture": null }, "Resort": { "Name": "Revelstoke", "Route": "/revelstoke", "Id": 210, "Culture": null }, "BaseDepth": 0, "TopDepth": 0, "OffslopeBaseDepth": 0, "OffslopeMidDepth": 0, "OffslopeTopDepth": 0, "IsOpen": true, "PercentageLiftsOpen": 0, "PercentageOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenExpertRuns": 0, "NumberOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "NumberOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "NumberOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "NumberOpenExpertRuns": 0, "ReportedSnowfall": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast48": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast72": 0, "Date": "2014-09-18T06:00:00Z", "TemperatureBottom": 0, "TemperatureTop": 0, "TemperatureMax": 45.5, "TemperatureMin": 39.7, "VisibilityTop": null, "VisibilityBottom": null, "WindDirectionTop": null, "WindDirectionBottom": null, "WindForceBottom": 0, "WindForceTop": 0, "Id": "revelstoke", "Culture": null }, "SkiArea": { "TrailMaps": null, "AnnualSnowfall": 1524, "SkiableArea": 1263, "BaseElevation": 512, "TopElevation": 2225, "PercentageBeginnerRuns": 7, "PercentageIntermediateRuns": 45, "PercentageAdvancedRuns": 48, "PercentageExpertRuns": 0, "ProjectedOpeningDate": "2013-11-30T00:00:00Z", "ProjectedCloseDate": "2014-04-06T00:00:00Z", "OnTheSnowId": 2804, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ -118.150374, 50.954419 ] }, "NumberOfDoubleChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfTripleChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfQuadChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfGondolas": 1, "NumberOfHighSpeedQuadChairLifts": 2, "NumberOfHighSpeedSixChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfSurfaceLifts": 2, "VerticalDrop": 1713, "YearOpened": 2007, "HasNordic": false, "HasSkiing": true, "HasTerrainPark": false, "LiftCapactiy": 0, "TotalRuns": 65, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Revelstoke", "Route": "/revelstoke", "Id": 210, "Culture": null }, "Id": "revelstoke", "Culture": null } }, "useMetres": "true", "tempUnit": "C", "depthUnit": "cm", "unitFormat": "metric", "distanceUnit": "km", "areaUnit": "hectacres", "elevationUnit": "m", "TemperatureHigh": 25, "TemperatureLow": 10, "ReviewCount": 0 }