Salt Lake City

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Current Conditions

Mountain Stats

  • 1270 cm of annual snowfall
  • 425 total skiable hectacres
  • Top elevation 3200 m, base 2669 m
  • 21% beginner, 39% intermediate, 40% advanced, 1% expert
  • Projected opening: 24/11/2013
  • Projected closing: 21/04/2014

Salt Lake City Ski Resorts

When you stay in Salt Lake City, Utah's top ski resorts are only a short drive away. Seven resorts are within 35 miles of the city: Alta, Deer Valley, Park City, Snowbird, Solitude and Canyons and within an hour's drive of Sundance. Salt Lake City accommodations have many advantages. Most notably, skiers and snowboarders can easily hop around to the region's aforementioned renowned resorts, visiting a new resort every day if they wish. Additionally, staying in Salt Lake City is not only more affordable than resort-based lodging, but it also provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience a new city and its many dining, nightlife and places of interest.