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The Birthday Bucket List Check Off

I wanted to be skiing on my 60th birthday. Since it is in August I had go south. The whole trip was wonderful except for one thing, the snow. Unfortunately Portillo can't control that. Global warming seems to be a reality!

Like being on a cruise, but a LOT more fun!

Upon arrival at the Hotel Portillo, everything is about service. In fact, their employee to guest ration is 1:1. You're greeted by smiling staff waiting to take your bags and make sure your check in is effortless. A stay at the Hotel is much like being on a cruise ship. Everything is pretty much self contained; dining, bars, game rooms, ski rental, outdoor pool surrounded by amazing scenery, fitness center, etc. etc. If you don’t want to go skiing one day, a Portillo representative will pack you a picnic basket with wine and cheese and take you on a scenic snowshoe around the Inca Lake. The skiing at Portillo is fantastic and, thanks to a 450 person per day limit, you never have to wait in a lift line –ever. Also, you don’t have to fight for first tracks. Stay in bed a little longer and relax at breakfast. Lifts are open until 4:30, so there’s no real rush. I think my favorite part of Portillo was the famous Poma lifts on the Roca Jack, Condor, Las Vizcachas and El Caracara runs. It’s not your typical Poma. Five people line up side by side and get taken to the top on a high-speed surface lift. The best part: there isn’t much of an unloading area and the slopes are steep. So…when you get to the top, you let go and have to find a way not to fly down the mountain going backwards. While it’s fun to do (and doesn’t take more than one try to get used to), it’s more fun to watch other people try it for the first time!