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Sporthotel Sertorelli Cervino

We went to St Anton last year and thought the facility could not be beat but this hotel Sertorelli is the best! We had superior accommodations and really the best food and service that we ever have experienced. The lifts on the Swiss side run better but the skiing was very good on the Italian side.

Skiing unlimited for all abilities

We had a week in Cervinia of mixed weather conditions, some white-out with blowing snow that it was even hard to see the next piste pole marker and some days of blue sky powder skiing. Cervinia offers a lot more slope skiing than the Zermatt side. There is a wide beginner - intermediate run from the Swiss-Italian border and also steeper more direct runs back into Cervinia. There is a older non-detachable 2-seater chair which allowed access to miles of untracked powder snow for a whole day. There are several small huts on the mountain which serve unique specialties every day with only sit-down service. I would definitely consider spending another week in Cervinia with the helicopter skiing slopes we had using the older non-detachable 2 seater price.