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Bem vindo a Heavenly

Em nenhum outro lugar do país você terá a opção de esquiar em dois estados diferentes como em Heavenly. Localizado na fronteira dos estados da Califórnia e de Nevada, Heavenly Resort é um destino único, com todas as comodidades de uma grande cidade e algumas das mais belas paisagens e terrenos no mundo. 

Com um lift que chega a aproximadamente 3200 metros de altura, Heavenly é a montanha mais alta de Tahoe e uma das maiores dos Estados Unidos, com mais de 1700 hectares, 97 pistas, 30 lifts e quatro bases divididas entre os dois estados. Além disso, o resort recebe mais de nove metros de neve por ano e tem  um dos maiores sistemas dos Estados Unidos para produção de neve, que cobre 70% da montanha. 

O terreno de Heavenly é variado e possui desde blue squares até black dimonds para praticantes de todos os níveis.  Os lifts e gôndolas transportam os visitantes para todas as áreas do parque mas, se você possui experiência, deve com certeza conferir os desafios de Mott e Killbrew canyons, que são destinados somente a experts.

Your Heavenly Ski Vacation

Caso você não seja praticante nem de esqui  nem de snowboard, não se preocupe, Heavenly oferece uma grande variedade de atividades fora das pistas, como esqui cross-country, passeios de trenó, snowshoeing e alguel de snowmobile. Além disso, é também possível jogar em um dos muitos casinos, assistir a um filme no cinema local, jogar fliperama, ou até mesmo participar de uma partida boliche na pista local.

As opções de hospedagem são abundantes e incluem desde acomodações privadas ou quatro estrelas até locais mais simples para descanso quando não estiver na montanha. Heavenly Village também oferece opções de lojas e restaurantes que possuem acesso de gôndola  às montanhas.

Faça agora sua reserva para Heavenly com a SKI Brasil e deixe-nos montar o pacote perfeito para sua viagem com hospedagem, passagens aéreas, transporte terrestre, ingressos para lifts, aluguel equipamentos e muito mais!

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The skiing at Heavenly was so incredibly beautiful. The one and only downfall from the mountain is the amount of flat trails that you need to travel in order to get from one side of the mountain to the other. I still enjoyed the skiing very much, just had a hard time pushing along those flat trails on skis when it was busy. Would definitely go back.
Deborah Fyler

Lots of Snow

In high winds, lifts shut down at the top, and it being a Sunday it was crowded so lines were long. Rest of week was beautiful with lots of snow and bluebird skies. Visited Kirkwood and Squaw Valley as well.
In snowy conditions you must have all wheel drive (or chains), had to upgrade our rental car at the airport to get up to Heavenly.
Yanna Sudovtseva

Great Vacation

Heavenly mountain is very large with a lot of skiing trails. You can stay there a week and not cover all of them!!! Lot's of choices. The views are beautiful and the whole experience is very enjoyable. We stayed in the middle of the week and trails were pretty empty. The only problem with a Spring skiing - it's hit or miss. There was 55 degrees and sunny, which made the snow pretty slash.
Christene in Keller

Loved it

It was probably one of the best trips that I have gone on. My boyfriend and I had a hard time coming home and wished I would have booked it a few more days.
stacey in West babylon

Good Times

My first winter trip to Heavenly was a great experience. The weather was great, the snow was great, and the food was fantastic! I left Heavenly, however, slightly confused. Confused is how I would describe the the staff on and off the mountain. Not sure if this is a California thing, but no one could give me a straight answer to any question. Although the people were very nice and kind, they lacked the ability to simply answer a question. Everyone seemed confused leading us to believe that we ourselves were confusing them. Also, while on the mountain, it appeared as if Heavenly was either under new ownership as the on-mountain restaurants were very unorganized. No one seemed to know exactly what time the gondola closed leaving us to ponder why Happy Hour at the top of the gondola went way past the designated time the gondola supposedly stopped running.
Another problem we had was the frequent closure's of the lifts and mountain due to wind. Weather conditions can change without notice, this is understandable, but when we went to get our tickets signs were posted everywhere that refunds would not be issued. This fact was reiterated by the sales person. Although this was quite a put-off, this was not the case. My unused ticket was quickly returned for a refund without question!
Walter in Columbus

Heavenly made plenty of snow.

We visited Heavenly from December 8 through December 16, 2011 when there was a drought in the Southwest. Heavenly made plenty of snow on the runs that were open. It was cold and sunny on the mountain. We were able to enjoy skiing and use the year old Tamarac Lodge for lunch.
Matt in Santa barbara

Spring in Heavenly

I had an incredible time skiing at Heavenly on the eastern side of Tahoe over spring break. The snow was surprisingly good given how late in the season it was. I actually read about Heavenly on's ski resorts app, "" , which has tools to compare ski resorts on aspects like total acres and ticket price. Heavenly has a similar price to other top Tahoe resorts, but way more skiable acres. Definitely the most bang for your buck.
Frank in Watsonville

Skied Heavenly And Squaw @ Lake Tahoe

We arrived on Boxing Day (Dec 26 in the U.S. of A) evening. Checked just in time for night skiing at Squaw. Maybe I'm spoiled by the excellent night skiing in Vancouver (I'm speaking of last season, not this on folks...), but I wasn't really impressed by the cattle call lift routine you're subjected to if you ski all the way down the mountain. You have to take the gondola back up. Heavenly the next day was quite impressive, even by Whistler Blackcomb standards. In BC, we have dense tree growth, so skiing in the trees is more of a iffy proposition. At Heavenly, it's where the best skiing is. Pristine powder stashes everywhere! Three days, each night with a dusting of snow and less than 5 minutes to get on the lifts average, it was,...uh,...Heavenly. Apres ski was great. Shopping, casinos, restaurants and a view of the lake, spectacular. Next year, we plan to spend more than 4 days here and explore the other ski area around the lake. I'm sold on the place.